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Supplier research in China

We provide supplier research services in China to help our customers find and select the best suppliers...

Factory audits and verification

Services designed to ensure quality and ethics in production processes...

Product inspection and quality control

Ensures that your products meet required quality and safety standards...

Maritime or air logistics

We work with transportation providers and offer customized options to meet our customers' needs...

Import and nationalization procedures

We have a team of experts in the field and use our knowledge and experience to ensure a transparent process for our customers...

Supply chain optimization

We help our customers improve the efficiency of their production processes and reduce costs...

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We are experts in B2B trade with suppliers in China and are committed to providing you with exceptional and satisfactory service at all times.

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Confidentiality of your supplier

At HK GS, we understand the importance of confidentiality in business relationships. For this reason, we offer supplier confidentiality services to protect our customers' confidential information. We have security measures in place and ensure that our customers' information is kept safe and protected.

Business representation in China

We offer business representation services in China to help our customers establish strong business relationships in the Chinese market. We act as intermediaries between you and your suppliers, ensuring that business operations are conducted efficiently and smoothly.


We offer translation, negotiation, and contract management services, and provide support throughout the purchasing and selling process

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